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At Western Pacific Law Group, PC we provide legal representation to employers facing a variety of legal problems in California. We have organized and dedicated our resources to the practice of employer-side employment law. Our practice focuses on representing employers in employment law, labor law, and employment litigation.

We represent businesses in the defense of claims for:

FEHA claims: Discrimination, Retaliation, Harassment based upon classes including, without limitation, disability, sex, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual preference, engagement in a protected activity.

Wrongful termination, failure to engage in the interactive process, failure to accommodate, failure to prevent discrimination and retaliation at the workplace, failure to train or supervise; negligent hiring, training, supervision, and retention.

Equal Pay Act: Wage and Hour Claims including without limitation, failure to pay overtime, failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay all hours worked, failure to provide rest breaks or pay penalty, failure to provide meal periods or pay penalty, failure to provide itemized wages statements, failure to timely pay all money due at termination, failure to pay vacation time, failure to reimburse work related expenses, etc.

Claims under the Family Medical Leave Act

We regularly advise businesses with important problems with their employees.  Our attorneys are very responsive to employer needs for prompt and effective service.

What else can  we do for you?

  • Draft or review employee handbooks
  • Draft or review company policies
  • Draft or review arbitration agreements
  • Draft or review employment contracts/agreements
  • Draft non-competition covenants in diverse industries

We will review important case documents, such as contracts, employee handbooks, and time/wage records. Our attorneys have experience with non-competition covenant law, including handling the defense of claims and prosecuting non-competition agreement claims.

We are on your team and we work for you! Employee issues and lawsuits can be devastating to your business, and you need an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights.

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