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A Notary’s duty is to screen the signers of important documents for their true identity, their willingness to sign without duress or intimidation, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction.

Some notarizations also require the Notary to put the signer under an oath, declaring under penalty of perjury that the information contained in a document is true and correct. Property deeds, wills and Powers of Attorney are examples of documents that commonly require a Notary.


Each Notary Signature $15.00
Each Additional Signer $15.00
Wait Time (If Notary waits more than 15min for appointment $1 per minute) $1.00
Assistance with applications and documents/Consultations (per hour) $50.00-$250.00
Copies (per page) $1.00
Fax (per page) $1.00


Payment Information:
Cash or debit/credit card at the time of service.


The following types of identification are recognized and accepted in the state of California. Identification must be current and issued within the last five years. Expired ID cards will not be accepted. All ID cards must have a photo, physical description, signature and identification number.

  • State Driver License issued by DMV
  • State ID Card issued by DMV or government agency
  • Senior ID Card issued by State or government office
  • Employee Identification Card issued by a state or government agency
  • Passport
  • Military Identification Card
  • Driver License issued by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue driver’s license’s
  • Foreign Passport
  • Inmate Identification Card issued by the California Department of Corrections if the inmate is in custody
  • Valid Consular Identification Card issued by the applicants country of citizenship
  • Valid ID Card issued by a federally recognized tribal government


You can download this brochure to find out more about a Notary Public.