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Although bankruptcy is not for everyone, in some cases, filing for bankruptcy can be the best thing for your future. If you are overwhelmed by debts whether because of an unexpected medical condition, the end of a marriage, the loss of a job, a downturn in business, or other financial problems, we are here to help you!

The common chapters of the Bankruptcy Code are:

CHAPTER 7 – Chapter 7 refers to a “liquidation” bankruptcy and can be used by an individual to obtain a discharge of many debts without making payments in the future. It may also be used by a business that wishes to liquidate its business assets under the protection of the bankruptcy court. In general, people file Chapter 7 to eliminate credit cards, medical bills, judgments, repossessions, and mortgage deficiencies.  A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy also allows you to surrender a house or a car that is worth less than the balance of the mortgage or loan and to terminate a lease early without repercussion.

CHAPTER 13 – Chapter 13 refers to reorganization of debts by an individual who has regular income and debts that are below certain statutory limits. A Chapter 13 debtor proposes a “Chapter 13 Plan” which proposes a repayment schedule. The plan essential identifies details for the debtor to retain control of property, keeping up with current debts, and repay at least some of the past due debts. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy gives you the ability to catch up on your past due mortgage payments, back taxes, car payments, and even child support.
If you would like to find out more about different types of bankruptcy cases, please follow the links below:

Filing bankruptcy is a very important decision.  Contact us today to find out if bankruptcy is the proper solution for you.  The attorney will discuss the bankruptcy process and the alternatives so that you can can make an educated, well informed decision concerning your financial future.

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